The second International Complex Exhibition of Shipbuilding, Water Resources Use and Exploration «The Ocean 2012»

November 28-30, 2013, Moscow, Crocus Expo international exhibition center


III International integrated exhibition The Ocean 2013 traditionally will take place during the last days of November at Crocus Expo international exhibition center.

The exhibition, which, according to the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, D. Manturov, has became an authoritative venue for meetings of the leading representatives of the industrial community, will feature new products and the latest innovations from the leading Russian and foreign companies operating in the areas of aquaculture, mariculture, fish and seafood processing, ports, transport logistics and fishing fleet. These marine industry branches have become the main sections of the exhibition.

The extensive business program of the exhibition will allow corporate executives, professionals and experts together with representatives of the relevant ministries, departments and research institutes, to conduct discussions on the most pressing aspects of national operations, requiring integrated solutions; take coordinated action and develop practical recommendations. The aspects of the discussion include: reproduction of aquatic bioresources, fish and seafood processing, construction and upgrade of fishing fleet, the improvement of ports’ infrastructure.

The main themes of round tables and seminars will focus on the development of aquaculture and mariculture in Russia, challenges in the areas of marine economy due to Russia’s joining WTO, measures to protect the interests of Russian fisheries in the context of WTO, ideology and practice of fishing fleet renewal, construction of modern resource-saving fishing vessels and research fleet.

The Ocean 2013 projectwill help to draw the attention of the international business community to the latest developments in various fields of study, use, and reproduction of aquatic bioresources of the ocean, coastal zone development, and will contribute to the development and improvement of the marine industry market and transport communications, monitoring of environmental conditions and the elimination of the accumulated environmental damage.

The participants of the exhibition will include the representatives of the business and science communities, representatives of the executive branch of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, industry associations and unions, state enterprises and private entrepreneurs.

The organizer of the exhibition: Russian Exhibition Systems.